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UltraZyme is a mixture of enzymes in liquid form, used in industrial cleaning oil spills, oil and grease traps, drainage, drains, septic tanks, landfills, facilities and wastewater treatment plants as well as a number of agricultural applications, including wastewater lagoons.

In substance, UltraZyme is made of trillions of living cells that alter the molecular composition of the material treated. Enzyme formula transform harmful organic matter from waste material into smaller organic particles which can then be consumed by bacteria degenerative, which turns them into carbon dioxide and water. It is to note the amount of carbon generated insignificant compared with the many waste disposed of in landfills and the environment and can be smoothly absorbed by carbon filters around. UltraZyme otherwise provides superior odor control and a huge number of applications.

Through its enzymatic action, while the change at the molecular level waste, odor molecules and transforms the material into free material, 100% organic and organic composition. UltraZyme comes with an aroma of herbs, so not only waste but eliminates odors and replaces them with a pleasant scent that not only covers all previous ones as do most products on the market today.

UltraZyme is a product for different applications, can be applied using the spray equipment and is effective in fresh and salt water at all temperatures (high and low) on a vast scale pH levels . Because of these factors is the reason why both can be used for a vast range of applications include soil remediation. Proof of that is 100% organic is that UltraZyme itself is completely biodegraded in just 28 days after application, this time to digest hydrocarbons, fats and oils to 60% only in 5 days. Because it is simple and easy to use applications with great effectiveness, UltraZyme will be the industry benchmark for cleaning and environmental remediation for many generations to come.

Features :

  • removes odors they generate molecular structures destroyed;
  • reduces biochemical oxygen demand levels using enzyme decomposition or conversion by contaminants;
  • Neutralizes
  • completely biodegradable contaminants as a cleaner;
  • Decompose
  • hydrocarbons, fatty acids and oils up to 60% in 5 days
  • Decompose
  • sludge from 40% to 60%
  • is not toxic, does not cause allergies and is not flammable;
  • in totally compatible with the environment;
  • biodegrade contaminants annihilated;
  • not leave residues in addition to oxygen and water
  • works equally well in both freshwater and saltwater;
  • works in aerobic and anaerobic systems.

UltraZyme is a patented mixture of highly concentrated natural microorganisms, essential nutrients and agents compound helps break down the High concentrations of fatty acids, fats, oils, blood, loose material and organic matter found in processing waste from a number of sources. Possible applications include the processing units of meat (poultry, fish, beef, pork, etc.), oil spills, landfills, chemical spills, and other cleaning activities. It is effective in anaerobic lagoons, places with ventilation system filters, leaks, septic tanks.

Degrade materials, reduces biochemical oxygen demand and chemical oxygen demand, improves cleanser and reduce sedimentation in solid material in suspension. UltraZyme will very quickly destroy fat deposits in plumbing, leaks, sewer systems, sewage pumps and stations just to mention a few applications and is suitable for use in the production cycle for the production of poultry, pigs and eggs. Crops UltraZyme are a mixture of anaerobic optional originating from soil, using dead organic matter as a food source. Cultures are not harmful to plants or animals or aquatic or terrestrial areas were left in the sea and freshwater treatment with complete ecological safety.

Lakes, rivers and aquatic environments

The natural process of biological decomposition of lakes and rivers kept in balance with our best yet. Lately, because of mass production of the industrial era, aquatory were overloaded with organic waste. Nature is no longer equipped with the necessary tools to both destroy and recycle large amounts of waste due to the rate at which they are generated and discharged into lakes and rivers around the world.

Adding UltraZyme in rivers contaminated site will reverse this trend. Ingredients found in UltraZyme will stimulate the growth of bacteria, will remove odors and will degrade any existing impurities, it will simply accelerate and increase the rate of natural biological decomposition process described above, helping to maintain watercourses in perfect balance even with the addition of excessive amounts of organic impurities.

Further addition of UltraZyme will stop from addition of these impurities and ensures that the water running at optimal biological levels. Watercourses pollution sources include industrial origin such as paper mills and wood pulp, sewerage treatment facilities and activities in agriculture. Many of these operations are in operation seven days a week continuously pumping the organic contaminants in water courses that are located in the vicinity.

UltraZyme supplement the natural water courses and offers micro-organisms essential to ensure that organic impurities are treated and not acumuleza in lakes, rivers and streams or other aquatic environments.
Automatic dosing machine UltraZyme can be quickly installed to continuously dose UltraZyme in the source, reducing the amount of organic impurity before you have a chance to contaminate the water in question . UltraZyme should be added in other sections of the river / lake to fight the organic contaminants present. Attacking the watercourse itself and its sources of pollution, UltraZyme will effectively clean water and life will return to the lake / river to the stage that was before being bombarded with pollutants / organic impurities that go along with modern industrial facilities.

UltraZyme is safe to use in the presence of any kind of aquatic life and is effective in salt or fresh water.

Places such as limited oxygen stagnant lakes, reservoirs, and vents for leakage of waste water treatment plants and lagoons should be artificially ventilated Biotreatment optimize efficiency. in addition to carbon and oxygen natural bacteria needs a certain fraction of elements for successful growth included: nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, sodium, sulfur. Treatment UltraZyme includes fractions of elements to be assured that this increase.

Grease separators, septic tanks and sludge treatment ponds:

UltraZyme breaks down grease and other organic contaminants that cause high treatment cost technology. By use conditioner, UltraZyme will keep grease separators, sewage plants, landfills, septic tanks, filters and pond drainage treatment technology namolulrilor functional and without unpleasant odors.

There are many natural microorganisms found in traps and few channels but still affect animal and vegetable fats and oils and fat to be effective against biological basis is necessary in a population change induced by undesirable microorganisms (ie, to neutralize the activity of microbes).

Bio-growth with UltraZyme it succeeds in dominating, fat is digested by UltraZyme and converted into fatty acids, glycerol, carbon dioxide and water. This process is called solubilization and prevents fat from start rebuilding to not cause the same problem as in the use of other solvents or chemicals. Solubilization products of nutrients for other bacteria are in place to reduce further accumulation. UltraZyme reduce levels of pollution (CB05) with converting enzyme or by digesting the contaminants.

Oil spills or petroleum products:

A primary example of multiple application UltraZyme would be the situation when a quantity of oil would be discharged on the ice as on other surfaces and which tends to spread easily because the ice surface is generally porous, so first centimeters tend to absorb oil. Most water from surface or near the ocean surface, contain petroleum hydrocarbons ranging from I to 10 parts per billion. Waters near the coast, near the port and industrial areas contain higher levels, up to 100 parts per billion.

It is difficult to describe most types of oil. Some are thin and cooking oil and others are thick as molasses, most types of crude oil are black or dark brown color but can be opened. Oil spills can occur at a railway crossing in a winter night at -30 ° C or in the middle of a sultry afternoons working at an industrial plant, an ecological emergency derived from a leak, explosion, fire or a chemical release.

UltraZyme is 82% biodegradable in only 14 days and completely in 28 days.

Frequent use will help to:

  • sludge reduction in wastewater treatment plants and wastewater treatment lagoons, by biodegradation increased, helping to improve the characteristics of sediments;
  • Provides optimized
  • degradation of organic waste, including fecal matter, blood and fat from slaughterhouses and meat production lines and poultry breeding farms,
  • forming bacteria population reduction and hydrogen sulfide odors that accompany them;
  • improving anaerobic fermentation, increased production of methane gas;
  • dilution of hydrocarbons and sludge in seawater, freshwater and soil, etc..

How it works:
UltraZyme is a multi-enzyme, non-toxic and biodegradable high performance being top of the biotechnology industry in the 21st century. This eliminates the accumulation of oil and fats from septic tanks, treatment of the mud pools of grease separators, storage tanks, oil and chemical spills, waste disposal, equipment, the acceleration of the bacteria to consume organic waste and while eliminating odors. UltraZyme is very effective for a wide range of temperatures and pH levels and because it is in liquid form, bacterial stimulation is immediate and does not result in residues. It can be pulverized and used for a wide range of issues of environmental protection.

Remove odors :

UltraZyme is working to eliminate odors by changing the molecular structure and reaction time is in the substance. When placed in an aqueous system containing essential nutrients, crops UltraZyme are the dominant microorganisms in the system and transform organic contaminants into smaller molecular size fractions. When it is maintained as the dominant microorganism in the system treated by controlling environmental conditions and periodic addition of new crops, reductions in biochemical oxygen demand and chemical oxygen above 80% can be anticipated for many organic wastes during several weeks.

Crops UltraZyme are optional and bioconvertesc anaerobic organic compounds by enzymatic digestion and metabolic catabolic both under aerobic and anaerobic conditions. Although cultures UltraZyme works fine in both cases, efficiency is increased if their oxygen environment than treated, usually shallow water sections contain more dissolved oxygen.

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