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Aviz Earthzyme - Euro Lider Construct
Agrement Earthzyme - Euro Lider Construct


Green Product of Canada, accredited by the Romanian market, EarthZyme has many applications in soil stabilization.

Types of construction:
  • roads;
  • Roads exploitation
  • road embankment stabilization;
  • shoulders;
  • Parking;
  • storage platforms;
  • secondary roads;
  • Roads warehouse;
  • dams;
  • playground for children;
  • pedestrian paths in parks.

EarthZyme has been made ​​to combine the best properties of the earth to achieve the following benefits: Dial
  • strong links between platelets ion type that is found in soil chemistry;
  • increase resistance to water penetration of its soil matrix;
  • utility increases soil wetting process,
  • uses material from the construction site fully,
  • reduces soil permeability;
  • has the ability to seal;
  • Provides the ability to use traditional techniques to stabilize EarthZyme;
  • EarthZyme effect on chemical constituents in soil
  • has the characteristic "Dust Stop" (stopping the rise of dust).
  • Ultrazyme

    Green Product of Canada, accredited by the Romanian market, UltraZyme has many applications in greening.
    • Pete oil on land and in water
    • Remove odors from organic waste;
    • Cleaning pipes filtering
    • landfills and those with excreta
    • waste ponds, lakes and rivers;
    • WWTP open or closed;
    • food processing factories;
    • meat processing plants (slaughterhouses)
    • collection and drainage pipes;
    • increase fish ponds;
    • soil contaminated with oil;
    • soil contaminated with oil;
    • Septic tanks and septic
    • industrial waste;
    • Ultrazyme is a product that contains enzymes and bacteria.


    Canadian product, licensed on the Romanian market, Growthrich help to increase soil fertility.

    It contains ingredients which fix nitrogen and increase absorption of phosphorus. Growthrich offers balance and correct the soil damage of most chemical fertilizers and cultivation of land wrong.

  • Bacillus licheniformis - fixed nitrogen;
  • Bacillus megaterium - increases the absorption of phosphorus,
  • Bacillus pumilus - increases the absorption of phosphorus,
  • Bacillus
  • subtilis - fix nitrogen.

  • Microorganisms have a central role in almost all aspects in nitrogen availability. Bacteria and fungi degrade organic matter above releasing nitrogen to be used by other bodies

    Dust stop

    Introduceţi text ori o adresă de site web sau traduceţi un document. Anulaţi Ascultaţi Citiţi fonetic Traducere din Română în Engleză Dust Stop is an important finding that requires revolutionizing the field of dust on roads built and the problems of global concern regarding substances harmful to the soil.

    Dust Stop is the latest solution in the dust, thanks to natural ingredients, sustainability, accessibility and efficacy of its absolute.

    The product is made ​​from 100% natural compounds, contains no additives, inorganic, toxic materials, harmful chemical polymers, salts or oils.

    Dust Stop is 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly and will have no negative effect when used inside and around the farm with animals and birds, on the roads of the sole agricultural crops and other land roads Generating dust.


    Earth is the oldest building material used by humans and is Earthzyme ground in combining modern technology blocks known worldwide as the Earthblocks .

    The exclusive combination of Earthzyme get brick and earth suitable for almost any building in the world.

    This product does not pollute, can be produced at the construction site and consume scarce natural resources.

    Can be used in metropolitan areas and rural areas to build water storage facilities, garages, fireplaces, stables, barns, flood control and wind erosion control.

    Is insured against fire, insects, rodents, bullets, water, winds, noise, is practical and economical.
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