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Aviz Earthzyme - Euro Lider Construct
Agrement Earthzyme - Euro Lider Construct

Canadian product, licensed on the Romanian market, Growthrich help increase soil fertility. It contains ingredients which fix nitrogen and increase absorption of phosphorus. Growthrich offers balance and correct the soil damage of most chemical fertilizers and cultivation of land wrong.

Benefits are:

  • replenishment and helps to maintain long-term land fertility by providing optimal conditions for soil biological activity,
  • suppress pathogenic organisms in the soil, degrade toxic organic chemicals,
  • stimulates microbial activity around the root system significantly increased root mass and plant health,
  • Increases plant available nitrogen
  • stimulating the natural growth of microorganisms in the soil
  • interact with soil organisms and biodegradable ingredients to feed the soil with nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, copper, molybdenum, iron, magnesium and wet plants
  • Help
  • Magan in solubility. Manganese plays a significant role in resistance against diseases and plant growth
  • increase production by increasing crop growth due to increasing growth and protection because stress is reduced and resistance against disease is improved
  • It initiates and accelerates decompression
  • natural harvest remnants turning it into humus,
  • Control Efficiency
  • accidents with pathogenic fungi on fruit and vegetable inclusand
  • Provides protection against many diseases associated with fungi. In other through a process known as micaparasitism, they destroy the cell walls
  • significantly increase production and reduce the fruit crop diseases, crop roots, flowers, trees, shrubs, lawns, orderly harvesting among other things,
  • Protects
  • (directly or indirectly)
  • improves soil capacity to retain water more than 20% thus helping plants to withstand more
  • Turn
  • neproductin soil in a soil with an average production
  • samintelor stimulates germination and root growth and structure
  • Help
  • a better drainage, improve soil aierisirea
  • proteins and minerals increases in most crops,
  • yielding more dense, green and healthy,
  • plant produces high-flavored sugar and nutrient content
  • improves seed germination
  • Reduces administration costs
  • help in developing root system producing healthier plants and heavier and more resistant to parasites,
  • also increases soil micro-organisms population and increasing nutrient uptake by plants
  • improves oxygen uptake by plants
  • help in balancing the pH of the soil, help to reduce land erosion.

Bodies will return to earth in balance and will correct most of the damage of chemical fertilizers and cultivation of land wrong.

Ingredients :

  • Bacillus licheniformis - nitrogen fixed
  • Bacillus megaterium - increases the absorption of phosphorus
  • Bacillus pumilus - increases the absorption of phosphorus
  • Bacillus subtilis - nitrogen fixed

These microbes will alter the soil structure. Plants use carbon from the atmosphere directly as carbon dioxide photosynthesis. Plants also indirectly benefit from the use of organic carbon of soil microorganisms. Every season more and more carbon is exhausted from the ground and is not added back by using chemical fertilizers since they do not contain carbon. Earth is fast becoming tired and decreases fertility.

Only specially selected microbes to remove carbon accelerates the carbon cycle. Nitrogen absorbed by plants is difficult because of the structure of atoms attached to them. It is estimated that 40% of total nitrogen fertilizers the plant is ever used. We can make nitrogen precursors already in the soil, plant bio-available. This is mainly an unlimited stock of "fertilizer" by the use of microbes to change nutrition naturally.

Microorganisms have a central role in almost all aspects in nitrogen availability. Some bacteria change nitrogen into ammonia in a process called nitrogen fixation, other bacterial causes change in nitrate and ammonium nitrate into nitrogen and other gases of nitrogen, bacteria and fungi degrade organic matter above releasing nitrogen for use by other organisms.

These historical concepts of plant growth compared to the amount of water that can hold a keg keg equals boards where essential nutrients. Barrel can be filled only allows both the short board. Fix-it is too small cards, use of plant essential nutrients added back-ground and plants can grow to their fullest potential.

Rich in growth ( Growthrich ) will contain 0.453 kg (water-soluble), super-concentrated and will contain all the bodies mentioned plus micronutrients.

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