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Aviz Earthzyme - Euro Lider Construct
Agrement Earthzyme - Euro Lider Construct

In the following we will present shortly, EARTHYZME enzyme soil stabilization to obtain a trafficable road way for any car with a warranty of three years. EartZyme was created 15 years ago and has since been used in countries around the world including Canada, USA, China, Brazil, India and Indonesia as well as in Europe and is recognized as the most appropriate solution to such roads and also one that protects the environment.

With characteristic "DustStop" (stopping the rise of dust), built roads EarthZyme are protected against dust pick up even if a machine that circulates at high speed.

EarthZyme has been made to combine the best properties of the soil to achieve the following benefits:

  • help form closer ties between platelets ion type that is found in the chemistry of the earth to cope with those components that are weak and unstable as a result of ensuring the separation of macromolecules interaction of water molecules;
  • control hydration and dehydration cycles during the entire process of building and stabilization by resisting penetration of water from its soil matrix;
  • increase the usefulness of soil wetting. The wetting composition of fine soil particles thereby increasing hardness disappear from contact with other components of the product
  • full use of the material help from the construction site, cost of product was recovered by the fact that there is no need to buy more materials to provide stability and strength as well, which is achieved by using EarthZyme with soil composition. This economy is made in respect of other foreign material increases the working area "life" as the best land and its chemical components are kept in very good conditions;
  • reduce soil permeability through the action of the enzyme will result in a unique structure more resistant to water. As a positive result, the ability of resistance against water, is significant road maintenance and offered serviabilitatea EarthZyme ,
  • ability to seal. This ensures that the very long term maintenance without the need to spend huge amounts by road maintenance companies developed by the annual frequency of new layers or pouring a few years
  • can use EarthZyme traditional stabilization techniques. This enzyme using cement with not only reduce the volume of material used but its use increases exponentially with hardness. EarthZyme can be used with traditional techniques such as recycled material in road construction or with materials that are found in the workplace;
  • EarthZyme has an effect on the chemical components of soil functioning as an active agent ions to improve the durability of clay large feature.

Stages road making photo:

EarthZyme road solution Medgidia executed in 2007


world today has to do with a very high stress when it comes to the environment, its protection to import huge quantities of waste storage and disposable materials. Each country in this world makes such problems every day and they are growing. The same problem is with animal carcasses or other chemicals that are dumped in various landfills. This is due to the fact that each family produces large amounts of trash in all categories and in proportions that were out of control.

What is taken into account is that garbage and waste of storage space dug into the ground and reach the groundwater, leading to problems that can affect generations to come. The proper use of these spaces and "seal" their existence is to solve this big problem. The solution is here, it works, is easy to use and apply at a good price.

EarthZyme is for impoundment storage space, either pure water or toxic waste, the areas are well defined and protected from contamination by harmful solutions or spread-ing them. The key point is that EarthZyme grow in all types of soil impermeability without considering the weather.


Mining is a dangerous business where time and unused equipment are great responsibility. The high cost of equipment maintenance are obligations that are taken very seriously.

By treating EarthZyme Road transport mining these problems are solved. Reduce the cost of equipment, costs are reduced, optimizing drilling and material transport equipment and workers, such costs are reduced. The applicability of materials including oil and transport industry, mountain areas, areas inaccessible to all means of land transportation.


Forests and forestry roads in the exploitation of natural areas are in need of solutions to soil stabilization in the rain. EarthZyme access help on any type of weather on any terrain that was impossible until now broke.

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