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Aviz Earthzyme - Euro Lider Construct
Agrement Earthzyme - Euro Lider Construct

Materials for EarthBlocks are practical and economical. It is very easy to work with EarthBlocks . Earth is the oldest building material used by man and EarthBlocks is modern technology that combines all the land in blocks known as the world EarthBlocks .

In this exclusive combination of EarthBlocks get brick and earth suitable for almost any building in the world. All available enzymes were tested for this application and only EarthBocks proved to be the only solution that can raise the performance needed to obtain caramizelor EarthBlocks .

This product does not pollute in any way, can be produced at the construction site and consume scarce natural resources. The price is so low that it is irrelevant. EarthBlocks material gives you complete freedom of architecture. What other construction material can be recycled only? What other material (when added EarthBlocks ) produces a link that does not fall apart again. EarthBlocks last forever so you save money.

Not only that material EarthBlocks can be used in metropolitan areas but can be used to build eficientsi deposits in rural areas, water, stoves, animal stables, barns, garages, flood control and wind erosion control.

Construction material EarthBlocks can be used for any rural application in any environment, anywhere in the world. EarthBlocks offers the only building material available to almost everyone. Also offers material of construction after the building is insured against fire, insects, rodents, bullets, water, strong wind, sound, practical, economical and not hurt the environment.

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