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Agrement Earthzyme - Euro Lider Construct

Dust Stop is an important finding that requires revolutionizing the field of dust on roads built and the problems of global concern regarding substances harmful to the soil. Dust Stop is the latest solution in the dust, thanks to natural ingredients, the durabiliatii, the accesiblitatii its absolute and efficacy.

Dust Stop is 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly and will have no negative effect when used inside and around the farm with animals and birds, on the roads of the sole agricultural crops as well as any other earth roads, generating dust.

Dust Stop removes all harmful effects of dust contamination and do not contain inorganic material making it an ideal product for direct use, controlling dust that could be raised.

Product is made from 100% natural compounds, contains no additives, inorganic, toxic materials, harmful chemical polymers, salts or oils and his performances have been entirely proven.

Use these roads in and around areas where animals take the form of suspended particular matter PM 2.5 and PM 10 particles.

These very fine dust particles are then spread randomly through the environment by polluting air, food and water. This has a detrimental effect on animal health and could mean extra medical costs incurred by the owner whose farm is threatened and then injured.

More importantly, ingestion of toxic dust particles by animals and birds lead to contamination of food that we humans eat.

This in turn produces many negative effects on human health in the world. Dust arising from any of these sources can cause diseases such as bronchitis, asthma, allergies, cancer and lung disease.

Current dust control products can control dust, but unfortunately sometimes contain toxic chemicals own. This reduces the amount of matter suspended in the air but it is a particular source of individual and worse pollution than the dust itself. Advantages of Dust Stop on the roads inside and around the animal areas are incomparable.

Now, there is no need to contaminate public roads and adjacent properties and ground water with toxins and other harmful compounds that are currently using, thus harming the health and preservation worldwide soil, fauna, flora, air , aquatic fauna and, last but not least, the humanity.

Dust Stop product is derived entirely from natural minerals and gravel, being environmentally friendly. These materials contain certain natural substances based on unique properties of joints and moisture retention factors, which other products do not contain them. Dust Stop has been specifically designed to allow rapid formation of a film of the road for its superior adhesion, moisture absorption, flexibility and increased capacity for blending. For Dust Stop to be more effective, has been designed for use at high temperatures, medium and low and can be used in other situations.

The product's unique formula Dust Stop was obtained after thorough studies and researches, as a 100% natural, reusable, standards in force and harmless environment. Large number of applications of the product to us v it is representative of global and growing, but the most important thing for our planet is that anybody and anything can benefcia product from the use of Dust Stop , compared with previous methods, which damage the earth and now may be removed by the use of Dust Stop .

Harmful effects of dust contamination on animals and birds from around the developing world significantly increase due to new roads around the fragile ecology of the farm lands and grazing areas. The development of these roads has raised major concern recently, suspended particular matter involved in dust contamination of polluted areas with livestock and poultry having an effect costly both financially and public health.

These accidents

general name of "discharge" and information about spills are collected using telephone lines for state agencies report. Collecting information about the spill to help us better understand how, when and where it happens and leads to pollution prevention programs more effective. Examination of data spills and resulting models help organizations that deal with the answers to these urgent to design ways to clean up spills as soon as possible to reduce environmental impact as possible. Efficiency and confidence in Dust Stop is imperative in these cases.

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